SV Pandion

About Us

SV Pandion is a sailing vessel with a small quirky family living aboard. Patrick is an IT professional, web developer, rock climber and avid sailor. Tara is a Sociologist who works in UX Research, teaches yoga and is becoming an avid canvas fabricator. Everest is a young rock star who is passionate about music, video games and his love of pugs, especially our little boat pet Salty the Pug.

We’ve began sailing in Santa Cruz California and honed our skills around the San Francisco Bay near the Golden Gate and in the Monterey Bay. We’ve sailed the Cyclades in Greece with some great friends and have been slowly growing our passion for sailing. in October of 2019 we set sail for Mexico from Half Moon Bay California with the hope of adventure and a rough sketch of a plan to sail for as long as we could fund it! We are loving life aboard!

We were lucky enough to find Pandion and purchase her from an awesome family who also sailed South from Cali to Mexico and across the Pacific. We loved Pandion from the first time we saw her and found ourselves happily living aboard in a marina in Redwood City while continuing to improve the vessel and prep for our trip. Despite some ups and downs we have found ourselves enamored with boat living. It's the best ocean front living! In the silicon valley it's hard to come by affordable housing and we get that and waterfront property!  We have been living full time on Pandion since April 2017. At first we commuted to work and school from the marina, taking a weekend or vacation to anchor out. Since we started cruising full time we have had stops in marinas, and have also spent 166 days living at anchor. Yes we come to shore, but we have used our dinghy as our "land rover" and kept the boat afloat where it loves to be!

We still only have a rough sketch of our future adventures! Hoping that the world gets healthier and borders will open up so we can seek out new locations. Mean time we keep looking at work and family life where we try to balance traveling, checking in on land and keeping funds in the bank - easy right? It may not be easy but it can be fun!

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